American Hand
Atwater B.
Avrial A.
Bartlett J.W.
Beckwith W.G.
Britannia treadles
Cookson F.N.
Gibbs J.
Goodbody W.R.
Griswold L.
Harris / Judson
Hendrick J.E.
Hillman W.
Holme J.&H.
Hudson H.
Jackson W.
Johnson A.F.
Judkins C.T. 1
Judkins C.T. 2
Junker & Ruh
Keats J.&G.E.
Leader / Oliver
Little Belle
McNair R.
Muller F.W.
Nasch I.
Nussey & Pilling
Page T.C.
Pilbeam A.
Robinson O.
Salisbury / Starley
Sandt M.
Sharpe F.S.
Smith & Starley
Starley J. 1
Starley J. 2
Thomas W.F.
Wanzer "A"
Wardwell S.W.
Weir J.G.
Whight G.
Willcox J.
Wilson N. 1
Wilson N. 2
Wilson N. 3

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